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How much are delivery charges?

Delivery fees for large equipment is usually variable based on the size of the unit and sometimes the distance to your location. iPads alone (without larger equipment) are supplied with a flat fee of £25+VAT (total for both ways)

What happens if I return an iPad late?

We understand that it’s not always possible to stick to agreed deadlines at all times, sometimes people forget to return the devices after a long an exhausting business event or exhibition. We can allow for a few days delay, but bear in mind we will add the extra days rental fees as per our rental fees schedule. If you wish to extend your rental please inform us so that we can keep control of our stock. However, if we do not hear from you for a long time after the end of your rental and do not receive the iPad back, you may be subject to a penalty charge of £50 [subject to a valid reason for lack or communication and late return].

I no longer need the iPad can I cancel/return the iPad early?

You may cancel your rental at any time without penalty as long as you inform us 48 hours prior to the rental start date. For cancellations after that threshold, you will be subject to a 20% administration fee of the total rental cost. You are welcome to return the iPad early, however we will not be able to refund you for the remaining rental period which you have not used. Though we judge these circumstances on a case by case basis, ask us for extenuating circumstances for refund on early return.

What’s the best way to return the iPad?

Best method is to via secure courior/Royal mail. Make sure you insure the devices up their their value in case there is damage in transit. We can arrange our own courier for collection, however if you miss the scheduled pickup/return day you may be charged courier rebound fees.

Whats the fastest possible way to get hold of my iPad rental?

We allow for rental pickup from from our East London office, phone in prior to making the trip in order to ensure availability. For a small fee we can drop off the iPads to your office as well.

Delivery is/was late?

We use the most reliable couriors for delivery of the iPads. We have a two strike rule, if a courior loses/delays our packages twice we no longer use them. Our current courior has been reliable thus far. But we understand that anything can happen, even the best courior services get delayed by unexpected traffic, terrorist strikes, fuel shortages etc.

We charge you for rental from the day you receive the iPads, if for whatever reason the iPad are delayed you may wish to continue with the rental (in which case we will recalculate the rental period, and deduct the days you ddi not receive them for), or you may reserve the right to cancel the rental altogether. In which case return the iPads back to use and we’ll give you a refund.

Please contact us in such case, we are flexible and can work something out with you so that both parties are happy.