What attendees want

Chicago attendees of TS² (trade show about trade shows) discussed their expectations when attending events as a buyer. Their responses should be learning lesson for you when exhibiting at an event.


  • Open body language & good eye contact.
  • Be happy to be there and interested in the event.
  • Engage with the customer and show genuine interest in their needs.
  • Be knowledgeable about product and services.
  • Take contact information and follow up with them afterwards.
  • Don’t chatter away amongst yourselves.
  • Don’t appear like you’re reluctant to be there.
  • Don’t make personal calls at the booth or just browse the web.
  • Don’t just show a demo and get into the sales patter immediately without listening to their needs


So how do you deliver such a personal service at a busy trade show?

Interactive kiosks can be set up to stream demos and presentations in a non-aggressive, interactive manner. They can also be used as a visual aid to enhance one to one interactions with visitors. They’re the perfect method to act as your virtual reps in a busy trade show. Although in an ideal world you would have as many staff as needed at the booth, it’s not always possible to do so. An iPad kiosk can do a pretty good job of relaying your product and service information to your visitors without requiring extra staff – think of it as your digital sales rep at the event.


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