London Taxi Deliveries

22 February 2012, Comments Comments Off on London Taxi Deliveries

When you’re busy preparing for the event of your life, it can be easy to get lost in the mountain of detail yet miss some of the basic stuff. Like have you had time to book that “ever so essential” demonstration kiosk for the biggest event of your life?

We’re only human and even the best of us can leave some things to the last minute, a hectic work life means that often we can only put our minds on the tasks if front of us today.

So when a boutique London designer calls us up at 6pm, exasperated and needing a range of iPads and floor stands by 10am the following day, sounding like she’s almost expecting a no-go. It must’ve been like a Birthday and Christmas all rolled into one when we turned around and said, “it’s probably too late to post this to you now, BUT, we’re local to you so why don’t we send out local cabbie out to you with  the equipment to your home so you can have it ready for the expo”.

Thus the legend was born.

We aim to please, we work tirelessly to help our partners get the equipment they need to make their event go as smoothly as possible. We are problem solvers and make it happen kinda people. So if you ever have the foresight of not making your bookings in appropriate time, fear not. Help is at hand and we can deliver to you with the most British of carriers, the trusted black cab.

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