5 reasons to rent an iPad than buy

26 October 2012, Comments Comments Off on 5 reasons to rent an iPad than buy

1. Short term large scale use

It’s just not feasible to buy 20+ iPads for one-off events, it could set you back at least £8000 to buy, compare that to just £220 for the cost of hiring 20 iPads for 1 day. You soon realise it makes complete economic sense to hire than to buy.


2. Test drive iPad before buying

Hiring an iPad is a great way to test drive the device to find out whether it’s for you. You may grow to love it or hate it, either way it’s little risk to you. Just return it back to us after the rental is over.


3. Business expense vs Asset Acquisition

Purchasing an iPad would mean you have to treat it as an asset because all computers are classed as business assets and not an expensive. In most cases this means that employees are not able to buy an iPad with their company credit cards. On top of that any asset purchases needs to be depreciated over the lifetime of the device (typically 3 years). Where as rentals count as an expense fully within the calendar month that it was rented.


4. Complete Assembly solution from us

Many people don’t just want an iPad from us, they want a complete kiosk and software solution. We have a range of kiosks and and have contacts in the app development world who can help you get the exact solution you’re looking for. You’re not just hiring equipment you’re getting the expertise to boot as well.


5. Get an iPad for the exact length of time you want

Not a day longer or shorter than necessary, renting an iPad gives you the ability to acquire iPads just when demand requires. This helps keep your costs down, you only pay for the period of time you need it, not for the products lifespan.


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